5 Marketing Strategies From The Past That Still Work Today

5 Marketing Strategies From The Past That Still Work Today

There are lots of new marketing strategies that have arisen with the march of technology. The best businesses are not exclusively using these brand new ideas, though. A lot of the ideas from the past still work today. With some slight tweaking, you can take what worked yesterday and make it relevant to today.

This guide is going to introduce you to some of the main marketing strategies from the past that still work today.

Give Out A Promotional Gift

Businesses have been giving away free samples since time began. The concept of the free gift has always been a great way of making an impression on a customer. The fact you’re giving out something for free is a demonstration that you appreciate your target market.

Promotional gifts can be absolutely anything. They’re an insight into your business. Impress your target audience with what you have to offer and they might just come back to find out more about you.

The majority of free gifts given out by businesses require a tiny investment. There’s no reason why you have to use huge amounts of money on this. Even a small token is enough to leave a lasting impression on your target market. And it can lock in clients for years to come.

Using Your Mailing List

Talk to anyone about email marketing and they will comment on the fact it’s an archaic marketing strategy, even though 82% of companies still use it. That’s true because people have been using it for years and people have been talking about how email marketing is dead for just as long. But the studies don’t lend any credibility to the idea that this form of marketing is ready to be buried just yet.

Those same studies reveal how email marketing remains one of the most effective ways of promoting your business. Your mailing list is the only way you’re going to get a direct connection to your target market. No matter what happens you will always have that email list to get in touch with.It’s a big asset to have by your side. It’s the one thing you have total control over.

Using Coupons To Target Customers

Coupons have been in use since before the time of the Internet. Instead of cutting coupons out of a magazine, people are now copying and pasting the codes they find online. There’s a whole industry based around finding the latest deals. The daily deals website now represents a great way to make money.

Coupons tap into the same places as promotional items. You’re giving your target market something to show your appreciation. It’s an easy way to stand out because you’re giving your customers extra value. And that’s what making a sale is all about.

You can even use coupons in conjunction with the other strategies on this list. For example, you could send along a coupon to specific segments on your email list. Give them special coupons they can’t find anywhere else to add value to staying on your list and opening new communications.

Sign Spinner

Have you ever seen a sign spinner standing on a street corner?

Startups that want to invest in offline marketing may want to consider employing a sign spinner. Standing on a commercial strip with a sign involves making a spectacle. It might look foolish and you might have laughed at such people many times, but studies show it’s still an effective way of drawing in your market.

It catches the eye and forces people to look and see what’s going on. Take note that this is one marketing method where you can’t target a specific audience. You’re going to have to target everyone and hope that enough of your preferred customers see your sign spinning.


A catchy slogan that people remember is always going to keep your business at the forefront of their minds. Slogans are easily memorable and they may have an edge to them, such as a comedy one. A good slogan is an easy way to make your brand memorable both offline and online.

Combine a slogan with a jingle or a clever ad and you’re bound to get the attention you want.

Last Word – Standing Out From The Crowd

Don’t instantly discount the idea of using old-fashioned marketing strategies. They’re still effective because they tap into human psychology.

What do you think is the best old school marketing method?

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